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SINCE 1956

Protective Films & Sheets

INDEVCO Group manufactures protective films and sheets, such as paper slip sheets, PE top sheets, shrink hood film, stretch hood film, and stretch film for protection, wrapping and stabilization of items on pallets.

Machine Stretch Film Machine Stretch Film

Clear or color machine stretch film for conventional automatic and semi-automatic pallet wrapping. Fast wrapping and film stretchability up to 350% on automatic pallet wrapping machines with low noises

Manual Stretch Film Manual Stretch Film

Clear or color manual stretch film in both hand reels for wrapping pallets and jumbo rolls for conversion on location. Available in one-side or two-side cling for clean pallets and improved warehouse space management

Paper Slip Sheets Paper Slip Sheets

High-tensile resistant slip sheets for unloading chemical & polymer bags from flatbed trucks while reducing space & shipping cost

PE Top Sheet PE Top Sheet

Tear-resistant PE top sheet to protect the upper surface of stretch-wrapped pallets

Shrink Hood Film Shrink Hood Film

High-clarity PE shrink hood film for manual or automated protection of pallets

Stretch Hood Film Stretch Hood Film

Plain co-extruded PE stretch hood film in rolls for cost effective, energy-saving and quality wrapping of palletized goods during shipping and storage